All you need to know about cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is any procedure that is done to correct any disfigurement or to perfect the appearance of the mouth. If you are not in love with your smile, you can have it corrected. They are many factors that go into a perfect smile. You need white and bright teeth, the perfect alignment of the teeth, the teeth must be regularly arranged and evenly spaced for an exquisite smile. There are a variety of methods that dentist can use to give that perfect smile you’ve always desired.


This is the most common cosmetic option that many people choose. In this method, custom vinyl trays are constructed from impression of the teeth taken in the laboratory. Patients are supposed to wear trays containing carbamide peroxide (this is the whitening chemical) for a specified number of hours or over the night. The whole process might take 2-4 weeks depending on the level of staining. The doctor may choose to use low, medium or a highly strong chemical, however, using a gel with high strength can lead to tooth sensitivity. Patients whose teeth are heavily stained like in the case of tetracycline staining might have to use the tray for several month before realising a significant change in the color of their teeth. Of also great significance is that teeth whitened in this manner will have to be maintained; patients will have to use the tray occasionally in several month to prevent the teeth from going to their original color.


This is a dental procedure in which the visible or outside area of a tooth is covered to improve the aesthetic appearance. The procedure can either be direct or indirect. In the direct method, a composite resin is usually placed on the outside of the teeth using a special bonding. The resin is usually colored as the teeth; polishing, thinning and sculpturing it produces a perfect appearance. No shots of Novocaine are necessary in this procedure. The indirect procedure entails two appointments at the Doctor’s clinic. In the first visit, preparation of the teeth is done, impressions are taken in the lab and a temporary covering is placed on the teeth. The veneers will take 2 to 3 weeks for the construction to be finalised; this veneers are usually made from passed ceramic or porcelain. In the second visit, the temporary covering is removed and replaced by the veneers which are bonded to stick


This is a method used to straighten the alignment of the teeth. In this method, custom made aligners that are almost invisible are used. The aligners are usually changed within the period of 2 weeks. The advantage of this aligners over braces is that patients can eat and brush their teeth in a normal way by removing them.

In conclusion, gone are the days when people use to put up with disfigured teeth, stained teeth or a less than perfect smile. We all how important a great smile is during social interactions, it is a sign or warmth and kindness. Do not relent, visit today and have your tribulation handled. The procedures are safe, and when done with a qualified doctor, you will go home with a warm smile.

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