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The Best Parks to Visit When in Maui

Visiting the Maui is like a dream come true because there are so many beautiful and attractive places to see on this beautiful island that you will definitely fell in love with this place. If you are going to Maui, you must prepare your plan for visiting different beautiful places where you may capture a lot of memories to add to your photo album.

In today’s, article, we will talk about the beautiful parks that you can visit when you are in Maui. When you take a visit to the LiveYourAloha.com Homepage, you get to know that Maui is not only famous for the plenty of adventurous activities that it offers but it is also famous for a wide range of parks that are located in this beautiful place.

The local authorities try their best to add more beauty to these parks to make them more attractive for the visitors that come to visit Maui. Some parks have been merged together and some of them have been eliminated totally from this island as they were not adding more attraction to this place. You may take a look at the extensive list of parks on liveyouraloha.com or you may also see the information about the most popular parks in this article. Here are the best parks that you must visit when you are in Maui.

Ho’aloha Park

This is the most popular park located in central Maui. There is no admission fee required for entering this park. You can simply reach there by traveling on a local vehicle. If you have booked a cab service for going there, you will easily be able to find a parking space. There is a wide range of picnic areas available in this park. The restrooms provide you the facility to take some rest and enjoy the warmth of the sun. If you are a beach volleyball enthusiast, you are going to enjoy your visit to this park because there are many incredible options available for you to play beach volleyball.

Hanolii Park

This is another beautiful and attractive park located in the central Maui. This park is a perfect spot for the romantic couples as you can sit and have a romantic discussion with your loved one. There are no restrooms available in this park. It is adjacent to Kaahumanu Church that is mostly used for the wedding services. So, you can take some vows with your life partner in this church.

Kahului Park

This park provides you access to several games. You can play softball/baseball with your friends in the specified fields and you can also play basketball on the basketball courts. The picnic areas have many attractive locations around them. These views would make you feel delighted while you are in the Kahului Park.