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How to Aerate Grass so it’s Beautiful All Year Round

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Having a beautiful and well-maintained lawn is an asset for you as it helps in enhancing the overall look and beauty of your property along with increasing its resale value. Therefore, it is important to maintain and take care of your lawn so that its grass will be green all year round as green grass is a sign of healthy lawn. There are different ways of getting beautiful grass but aeration is considered as the most important ways of getting green and beautiful grass. Thus, you will need to know the ways of how to aerate grass so you can get that lush lawn that so many are after yet can’t attain.  So, we’ve compiled a short list of important things to know when aerating your lawn.

How is Aerating a Lawn Done

Aeration is the best way of getting the green and healthy lawn and this is done by breaking up and penetrating the soil so that the key nutrients can get deep inside the roots. It involves making holes on the surface for allowing fresh oxygen to get inside the soil and stale carbon dioxide to get outside. This is an important step that is beneficial in encouraging and stimulating root growth but you will need to know how to aerate grass so it’s beautiful all year round.

Hence you will need to the right kind of equipment that will help in aerating the soil and the use of the proper equipment, such as a lawn aerator, will help to create narrow vertical channels so that rain, water and air can reach the roots and deep inside the soil. It is the best way of increasing microbial activities inside the soil and hence the right kind of tools and equipment is of utmost importance. The use of garden fork will help to dig the surface of the lawn so that you can get green and beautiful all year round.

Ways to Aerate Your Grass

Aerating the grass can also be done by replacing the soil with new and fresh soil that will help your grass to get green and lush so that you can get a beautiful lawn. Small holes on the surface will help the soil to get all the nutrients, water, oxygen and sunlight which are very important for the proper growth of the grass.  Basically, aeration is a very important step that helps in improving fertilizer uptake, reducing water runoff and creating stronger turfgrass roots so that your grass will remain green, healthy and beautiful all year round. It also offers air, moisture and oxygen into the soil which is vital for the proper growth of the grass.


Having beautiful green grass is no easy task. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, it’s important to follow the proper steps and utilize the right equipment in order to achieve maximum results.  So, hopefully, these tips have helped and you’re one step closer to your dream lawn.